13c Ubt Diagnosis H.pylori Device

13c Ubt Diagnosis H.pylori Device

Compact design with Built-in Computer and Printer
High precision (0.3‰), High reliability
Easy to Use
Test time less than 3mins
SFDA approval, CE Certificate

Product Details

13c UBT Diagnosis h.pylori Device

The 13C ubt diagnosis h.pylori spectrometer IR-force 200 is composed of high selective 13CO2 and 12CO2 detectors, which are used to analyze the CO2 exhaled by a patient in order to diagnose whether this patient is infected by the H.Pylori.


IR-force 200 Specification:

Model                        IR-force 200

Source of power        Alternating current 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Power consumption      ≤60ВА

Measuring range        CO2 concentration 0.5% ~ 10%

Sample volume        Not less than 120ml / packet

Instrument weight        12.5 кg ± 2кg

Dimensions of the main device (480мм ± 20мм)×(230мм ± 20мм)×(370мм ± 20мм)

IR-force 200 advantage:

1. High accuracy: the relative error is lower than 0.3‰δ 13C

2. Easy to use: collect the patient's samples and let the IR-force analyze the samples and print the

results automatically.

3. Test speed: each sample is analyzed in only 3 minutes

4. Strong data management: the software allows storage, search, sort and statistical analysis.

5. the device has 2 unique features : automatic self-test and remote diagnosis. The user can

quickly and easily understand the operating mode of the IR-force thanks to its unique self-test,

self-diagnosis, self-calibration and self-restoration functions.

6. Low cost operation.

7. Intuitive operating interface with multi-language options.

IR-force 200 Screen:

Friendly software operation screen: English operation screen, easy to use.


Combined with 13c urea breath test

13c urea breath test in device

Easy operation:

1. Start the equipment;

2. Collect patients' breath samples;

3. Machine automatically analyzes and prints the report;

Quick test: Each test takes less than 3 mins;

Powerful database management: The software has memory, check, sort data and analysis functions;

Self-checking function: Unique self-diagnosis, self-adjusting functions. Users are very well informed about its working condition;

Low cost operation: Low power, no other gas consumption;

Package & Delivery:

We use standard wooden case package,

We delivery 13c infrared spectrometer by air within 2-3 working days after receive your payment.

Exhibition show:

exhibition show

IR-force 200 installation:(our engineer will install the device for customer.)

ir-force 200 installion


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