High Accuracy 13c Ubt Diagnostis System For H.pylori Infection

two channels 13c ubt diagnostis system for h.pylori infection

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Beijing Richen-Force Science&Technology co.,ltd was founded in 2002. with the mission of "develop national medical technology and serve for the well-being of all mankind" we have been specializing in R&D manufacturing,maketing and customer service of high-tech medical devices in Gastroenterology field more than 15 years.

Our 13c ubt diagnostic products: 13c urea breath test kits and 13c infrared spectrometers have been developed since 2004. featuring non-vasive painless,safe and easy to use.


   Our 13c urea breath test kit has high sensitivity and specificity,13c UBT has become the golden standard of H.pylori diagnosis, completely in accordance with international concepts.

  Advantages of 13c urea breath test:

  ●High accuracy,non-radioactive,non-invasive,golden standard

 ●Zero disintegration time, whole stomach diagnosis

 ●High sensitivity and specificity (more than 95%)

13c ubt systems for h.pylori infection diagnosis:

ir-force 200 testing

two colors air collection bags, one is 0-minute air bag, the other is 30-minute air bag.

Here is operation procedure:(Attention: fast at least 2 hours before taking test)

H-Pylori-Diagnostic-Reagent-Rapid-Test-C13-UBT-for-Infrared-Spectrometer (1)

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