Rapid Diagnostic Device For Hp

Rapid Diagnostic Device For Hp

2-channel IR-force 200
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Rapid diagnostic device for hp


Features of the IR-force200

1. High accuracy: the relative error is lower than 0.3‰δ 13C

2. Easy to use: collect the patient's samples and let the IR-force analyze the samples and print the results automatically.

3. Test speed: each sample is analyzed in only 3 minutes

4. Strong data management: the software allows storage, search, sort and statistical analysis.

5. the device has 2 unique features : automatic self-test and remote diagnosis. The user can quickly and easily understand the operating mode of the IR-force thanks to its unique self-test, self-diagnosis, self-calibration and self-restoration functions.

6. Low cost operation.

7. Intuitive operating interface with multi-language options.

The 13C Infrared Spectrometer IR-force 200 is composed of high selective 13CO2 and 12CO2 detectors, which are used to analyze the CO2 exhaled by a patient in order to diagnose whether this patient is infected by the Helicobacter Pylori.

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