Rapid Test Ubt Diagnostic Analyzer For H.pylori Infection 10-channel

10-Channel IR-force 300 model. H. Pylori Diagnostic Equipment, can detect 5 people at the same time, suitable for large hospitals.High precision (0.3‰), High reliability. Easy to Use.Test time less than 3mins.

Product Details


Description & Advantages

High precision (0.3‰), High reliability

Windows 10, Touch Screen, Easy to Use

Test time less than 3mins

SFDA approval, CE Certificate

Sensitivity 98% and specificity 100%

Orange flavor, good patient's compliance

Absorb well, good dispersiveness to detect the whole gastric H.Pylori infection

13c UBT test kits for H.pylori infection


Two colors air collection bags , one is 30-minute bag,the other is 0-minute bag.

Here is operation procedure:

H-Pylori-Diagnostic-Reagent-Rapid-Test-C13-UBT-for-Infrared-Spectrometer (1)

13C UBT Device, 10-Channel can detect 5 people at the same time, suitable for large hospitals.


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