13c Ubt Kit For H.pylori Infection Diagnosis

13c urea breath test for h.pylori infection diagnosis

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13c Ubt Kit For H.pylori Infection Diagnosis

13c urea

Introduction of 13c urea breath test system

Richen 13c urea breath test system include 13c urea breath test kit and 13c infrared spectrometer

13c urea breath analyzer

13c urea breath test kit feature advantages:

●The granule dosage form, which is formulated into a solution and then taken, can achieve a disintegration time of 0 to eliminate the difference in test results caused by the disintegration of other dosage forms in the stomach;

●The domestic exclusive acidification formula increases H.pylori urease activity, inhibits non-H.pylori urease activity, slows gastric emptying, makes 13C urea fully contact with H.pylori, and overcomes the focal distribution of H.pylori;

●Safe and non-radioactive, children, pregnant women, lactating women and elderly frail people can use it with confidence

13c infrared spectrometer feature advantages:

Fast testing of samples, the analysis time of each sample is <100s

High sensitivity, the minimum concentration of CO2 is 0.5%

High measurement accuracy and good stability, δsd does not exceed 0.25‰, and the absolute value of C.V. is not greater than 3%

Micro electromagnetic oscillating precision air pump sampling method, stable flow without noise

Perfect calibration and quality control functions to ensure the accuracy of the instrument

Intuitive and simple operation interface, one-click start detection

Customized networking can be realized, and the test results can be sent back more intelligently

Equipped with display screen and microcomputer, the device takes up little space

13c urea breath system test step:


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