Diagnosis Stomach Disease Rapid Test

Diagnosis Stomach Disease Rapid Test

13c ubt rapid test is a gold standard for diagnosis stomach hp.It is featuring safe, fast,non-radioactive,especially suitable for the elderly,children and pregnant women.

Product Details

Diagnosis Stomach Disease Rapid Test

H.pylori infection is accepted as the major aetiological factor for gastric cancer. H. pylori is the principal risk factor for gastric adenocarcinoma in all sites.H. pylori eradication reduces the risk of gastric cancer development. The 13c rapid ubt test is the best approach to the diagnosis of stomach disease H. pylori infection, with high sensitivity and specificity, and excellent performances.

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Product specification:

75mg 13C urea breath test /package/person/time

Two breath bags, one is 00-minute breath bag, the other is 30-minute breath bag.

Expiry date: Two Years.

Product Advantages:
Non-radioactive: Unlike 14C, it is without radioactive, which can be applied to children, pregnant women and aged people.
Accuracy: Sensitivity 96%, specificity 98%.
Comfortable: Non-invasive, unlike traditional methods: Endoscopic tube insertion, blood test.
Convenient: Patients only need to exhale and take liquid medicine.
Quick: Entire test only 30 minutes.

Product application:
All doubtful HP infected people;
Chronic gastritis, digestive ulcer, gastric cancer and Malt tumor infected persons;
HP radical curative effect patients.

Product Operation:
1. Exhale into the first bag, used as baseline sample.
2. Mix the 75 mg reagent contained in the plastic container with purified water and drink the solution.
3. Wait for 20-30 minutes. No food or drink during this time.
4. Exhale in the other bag to collect the second sample.


Package: standard carton package

Delivery: within 2-3 working days after receive payment.


1. Harms of Helicobacter pylori infection?

The harm of Helicobacter pylori infection is mainly caused by chronic inflammation of the stomach, leading to an increased chance of patients getting gastric cancer.

2. What are the symptoms of H.pylori infection?

Many people have typical bad breath, dry mouth, and bitter mouth. Some people will also experience upper abdominal pain, fullness, poor appetite, acid reflux, heartburn.

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Combined with 13c infrared spectrometer:

ir-force 200 installion

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