H. Pylori Urea 13C Breath Test

13C-UBT is the golden standard to the diagnosis of H. pylori infection, with high sensitivity and specificity, and excellent performances. UBT is a valid and reliable test in the assessment of H. pylori eradication in the post-treatment evaluation.
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H. pylori Urea 13C Breath Test



Sensitivity 98% and specificity 100%

Orange flavor, good patient's compliance

Absorb well, good dispersiveness to detect the whole gastric H.Pylori infection



In children, Helicobacter pylori is thought to play an important role in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, especially duodenal ulcer. H. pylori has also been discussed as a possible risk factor of common pediatric diseases such as iron deficiency anemia or atopic dermatitis.


Richen 13C Urea Breath Test Products---Certified by European H Pylori Study Group


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