Rapid Diagnostic H.pylori Test

Rapid Diagnostic H.pylori Test

Non-radioactive,non-toxic to human body
First choice for patients who want to evaluate H.pylori radical cure
Highly accurate test

Product Details

Rapid Diagnostic H.pylori Test

As we all know, Helicobacter pylori (h.pylori for short)is an important pathogenic factor that causes chronic active gastritis and peptic ulcer, and is closely related to gastric cancer and gastric lymphoma. With its advantages of non-invasiveness, painlessness and high accuracy, UBT has become a well-recognized method for diagnosing h.pylori infection and evaluating treatment effects. 13c urea breath test has high sensitivity, good specificity, rapid, accuracy and non-invasiveness. It is the preferred method for detecting h.pylori.

rapid 13c ubtv

Product Specification:

Material: Urea

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Without Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Group: All Patients

Trademark: Heiliforce

Certification: SGS, ISO13485, MSDS,FSC

Quality Guarantee Period: Two Years

Product status: White granular

Breath bags: two bags,one is 00-minute breath bag,the other is 30-minute breath bag.


1. Non-radioactive, non-toxic to human body, so it is perfect to diagnose children, pregnant women and weak elders.

2. Highly accurate test. Its sensitivity and specificity are relatively high to avoid the possible false-positive and false-negative that may occur in traditional H.pylori diagnoses.

3. Non-invasive, so it is easily accepted by patients.

4. Very convenient test: The diagnostic comes out in less than 3 minutes.

Payment & Delivery:

We receive T/T or L/C payment method.

We delivery 13c urea breath test within 2-3 working days after receive your payment.

13C urea breath test combined with 13c infrared spectrometer.we provide installation services.

ir-force 200 installion

Customer show:

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1.Reference value for diagnosis of H.pylori

At present, the common clinical method for detecting H.pylori is 13c urea breath test. The DOB value is less than 4. If DOB is greater than or equal to 4, that's h.pylori infecton.

2.What to do if you are infected with H.pylori?

To change the way of dining, it is advisable to choose a split meal system or use serving chopsticks.

Drink boiled water instead of raw water, eat cooked food instead of raw food, and drink milk after disinfection.

Experiments have shown that kissing people with ulcer disease may also have the risk of spreading the disease, so be vigilant.

Develop good hygiene habits and wash hands before meals and after going to the toilet. Frequently used tableware must also be strictly disinfected.

Do not put dental appliances and other cleaning supplies in the bathroom, but must be placed in a ventilated place.

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