Rapid Test 13c Ubt Kit

Rapid Test 13c Ubt Kit

Non-radioactive, non-toxic to human body

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Rapid test 13c ubt kit

Advantages of the 13C breath test to diagnose HP:

1.Non-radioactive, non-toxic to human body, so it is perfect to diagnose children, pregnant women and weak elders.

2. First choice for patients who want to evaluate HP radical cure.
3. Highly accurate test. Its sensitivity and specificity are relatively high to avoid the possible false-positive and false-negative that may occur in traditional HP diagnoses.
4. Non-invasive, so it is easily accepted by patients.
5. Diagnoses present HP infection, and reflect full-scaled HP infection status in the stomach.
6. Very convenient test: The diagnostic comes out in less than 3 minutes.

Clinic application:
Any people who are suspected to have HP infection
Patients who suffer from chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastric cancers or malt lymphomas
Patients who have been treated for HP infection and who want to confirm whether the pathogenic bacteria has been eradicated.


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