Rapid test stomach hp

Rapid test stomach hp

H.Pylori Diagnostic, 13c Breath Test Kit, Infrared Spectrometer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering in Vitro Diagnostic Kit Urea Breath Test Kit for Diagnosis of H. Pylori (13C), H. Pylori Breath Test Tube-Mass Spectrometer, H. Pylori in-Vitro Diagnostic Reagent C13 Urea Breath Test Kit -Heliforce (75MG) and so on.

Product Details

Product description:
  • Model NO.: 75mg/50mg

  • Material: Urea

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Without Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

  • Group: All Patients

  • N.W.: 7.49kg

  • CBN: 0.08

  • Trademark: Heiliforce

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Test Kit

  • Certification: SGS, ISO13485, MSDS

  • Quality Guarantee Period: Two Years

  • 13c ubt rapid

Advantages of Heliforce:
Non-radioactive: Unlike 14C, it is without radioactive, which can be applied to children, pregnant women and aged people.
Accuracy: Sensitivity 96%, specificity 98%.
Comfortable: Non-invasive, unlike traditional methods: Endoscopic tube insertion, blood test.
Convenient: Patients only need to exhale and take liquid medicine.
Quick: Entire test only 30 minutes.

Clinic application:
All doubtful HP infected people;
Chronic gastritis, digestive ulcer, gastric cancer and Malt tumor infected persons;
HP radical curative effect patients.

The difference between 13C and 14C ubt:
Applicable Department
13C is isotopeHigh Accuracy
Apply to all kinds of departments
All patientsNone
14C is radioactive nuclide
radioactive half-life is 5730 years

Radiation to Human body and pollution to Environment
Depends on the OperationAntacids/

Operation is complex and results could be different.
Radiation Department.

Highly requirements
Not Applicable to pregnant, children and old people.
Test Kit contains materials bad to the health of human Being

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