The 2nd Oriental Conference of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy will be held in Shanghai

- Jul 29, 2020-


"The 2nd Oriental Digestive Endoscopy Academic Conference and 2020 Shanghai Capsules” co-sponsored by the Shanghai Medical Association, the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of the Shanghai Medical Association, the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the Endoscopy Physician Training College of the Chinese Medical Association Endoscopy Academic Conference, Capsule Endoscopy Collaborative Group Annual Meeting of Digestive Endoscopy Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Changhai Digestive Disease and Digestive Endoscopy Week, National Clinical Digestive Medical Research Center Working Conference, The 3rd China Interventional Ultrasound Endoscopy Academic The "Conference" will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center from September 4-6 2020.

At this conference, Richen Group set up Helicobacter pylori special satellite conferences at HP Forum and Small Intestine Capsule Endoscopy sub-forums, as well as training activities for medical doctors on capsule endoscopy operation and image reading.

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