13c Ubt Diagnosis System In Italy

- Jul 22, 2020-

13c ubt diagnosis system for h.pylori infection. As we all know, h.pylori infection increasing highly.It can cause stomach cancer.

1.The main symptoms of Helicobacter pylori infection are digestive system discomfort, manifested as abdominal pain, heartburn, acid reflux and bad breath. 

2. Helicobacter pylori can induce gastritis and gastric ulcers. 

damage the gastric mucosa,  Manifestations of upper abdominal discomfort, abdominal fullness, pain, acid reflux, belching, nausea, vomiting and other repeated attacks. 

3. It may also induce gastric cancer. 

4. Helicobacter pylori is highly infectious, with a high infection rate, and can be spread by mouth, feces, and unclean tableware.

Richen supply 13c ubt test and 13c diagnosis system for detect h.pylori infection. 13c ubt test kit featuring safe, non-toxic and non-radioactive, suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Richen 13c ubt diagnosis system was installed in Italy clinical. They were very happy to receive a small gift in the shape of a stomach from Richen.

13c ubt kit in clinical