13c Ubt Kit For Children's H.pylori Infection

- Aug 03, 2020-

In recent years, the screening and treatment of H.pylori infection has become more and more popular. 

In developing countries, most people with H.pylori infection are acquired during childhood, which means that for adults who have been tested for H.pylori infection through various methods, most of them have been infected with H.pylori in childhood.

How to reduce the risk of H.pylori infection in children and increase its spontaneous clearance rate?

1. Develop good hygiene habits. At present, it is believed that H.pylori infection is mainly acquired through the "oral-oral" route and the "fecal-oral" route. Children's Helicobacter pylori infection is mainly acquired through mutual transmission between adults or children living together in the family, and education should be paid to children Develop good hygiene habits (such as washing hands before and after meals), and avoid "mouth-mouth" feeding by adults to children.

2. Advocate split meals. When dining, use public chopsticks and spoons, and children can use separate tableware.

3. Do not mix water cups, toothbrushes, and mouthwash cups among family members.

4. The toilet is often disinfected to reduce the spread of "feces-oral" route.

5. Develop good living and eating habits and strengthen the system.

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