13C-urea Breath Test

- Jul 18, 2016-

13C-urea breath test

C, Kato(First Department of Internal Medicine, Iwate Medical University.);T, Yamaguchi;K, Yusa;H, Sasaki;K, Suzuki;K, Sato;J, Toyama


    A 13C-urea breath test(13C-UBT) is known to be a good diagnostic method for detecting H. pylori infection since it is non-invasive, simple and accurate. Its diagnostic capability in determining H. pylori eradication has been studied using 153 patients (who underwent the H. pylori eradication therapy) as subjects at two times: 6-8 weeks after the end of administration (at the time of determination of eradication) and 6 months afterwards. When determination was made, the sensitivity and specificity of 13C-UBT compared to culture and histology were 100% and 95.1%, respectively. Seven inconsistent cases were positive according to 13C-UBT and negative according to two other methods. After 6 months, both sensitivity and specificity were 100% and 4 of the 7 inconsistent cases became positive according to all three methods. These results indicate that the 13C-UBT is superior in terms of sensitivity and specificity to culture and histology and recognize the failure eradication earlier than ether two methods. Re-examination of inconsistent cases should be performed after 6 months. After covered by insurance, the H. pylori eradication therapy will become a general form of treatment of peptic ulcers. 13C-UBT in particular has proven most useful for diagnosis of eradication.

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