45-year-old Famous Anchor Died Of Gastric Cancer

- Aug 21, 2020-

This time I came back because of a very sad thing. One of my junior high school classmates unfortunately passed away. He was only 51 years old, leaving behind his daughter who has not graduated from university, 80-year-old mother, and unemployed wife...

"Tomorrow and accident, never know which one will come first!"

He died within a month after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, in his 40s. When he came to see me, there was already ascites, maybe the peritoneum, liver, and intestines had metastasized. "

Why is stomach cancer so bad?

The European Maastricht V/Florence Consensus states h.pylori infection is accepted as the major aetiological factor for gastric cancer. H.pylori eradication reduces the risk of gastric cancer developmment.

13C-UBT is the best method for diagnosing H. pylori infection. It has high sensitivity and specificity and is easy to implement.

The Houston consensus points out the most widely used UBT is 13C-UBT with citric acid, which can acidify the stomach and enhance urease activity.

Richen supply 13c ubt test Acidifying formula can activate h.pylori urease activity, reduce false negative and false positives detected by 13c urea breath test to improve the accuracy of 13c urea breath test.