Chopsticks Or Distribution Of Helicobacter Pylori Should Be Changed Regularly For 3 Months

- Apr 13, 2016-

Experts say China, Japan is the country with a high incidence of gastric cancer, and newly discovered stomach cancer each year nearly half associated with Helicobacter pylori infection, gastric mucosa in Helicobacter pylori can damage, release toxins that causes gastritis, ulcers and cancer. But now there is no rigorous large-scale epidemiological survey showed that Helicobacter pylori is spread through eating.

In addition, all members of the family are now wash the chopsticks unified uniform, if not thoroughly cleaned, no complete sterilization, so all chopsticks are most likely to be infected with the bacteria. Therefore, for security reasons, suggested that families form use the communal chopsticks and good health habits, and regular disinfection of chopsticks, chopsticks suggest 3 months again.

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