Helicobacter Pylori Infection Rate Of Children In Our Country Are Not Immune

- Apr 13, 2016-

Helicobacter pylori screw Bacillus (Hp) widely exists Yu nature in the, it can through mouth or manure mouth spread, for children period outside activities less, so parents or close contact of family members is infant infection Hp of main source, parents if infection has Helicobacter pylori screw Bacillus, its children infection of opportunities also will relative increased, especially in feeding, and life in the not note, as has some parents like mouth counterpart to feeding or will food chewing broken Hou again feed, and feeding Shi first with tongue try try food of temperature, and Before feeding nipple drinking one or two to try if the temperature is suitable, and children with a meal to eat a meal, Kiss the child's mouth, these casual actions, are likely to be your body's Hp to children. In addition, children eat, long irregular diet, diet, mental stress over large, long-term use of drugs on gastric mucosal irritation also reduces due to gastro-intestinal nerve dysfunction of gastrointestinal mucosa protection and can also create conditions for Hp's invasion.

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