How To Prevent Gastric Cancer In Daily Life?

- Aug 19, 2020-

Nowadays, our work is getting busier and life is getting better and better, but our stomach is getting worse and worse! Understanding the stomach, minimizing the pathogenic factors of gastric cancer, early examination and early treatment are essential! What kind of people are prone to stomach cancer? The importance of eradicating Helicobacter pylori in reducing gastric cancer!

In fact, stomach cancer is a kind of cancer closely connected with life, and there is a certain phenomenon of "family gathering".

The primary reason is that the family has similar living habits;

Secondly, Helicobacter pylori is transmitted by mouth and co-infected by family members;

Third, although cancer is not a genetic disease, it has a certain genetic predisposition, that is, if there are cancer patients in the family, you are more likely to get cancer than others.

Therefore, if someone in the family is already sick, you should re-examine your daily life to see if you have similar bad habits and correct them as soon as possible.


『According to domestic and foreign studies, the incidence of gastric cancer in people with Hp infection is significantly higher than that of people without Hp infection; Hp eradication can reduce the incidence of gastric cancer by 39%, especially before the atrophy of gastric mucosa has the best effect.

According to Japan's "Hp Kyoto Global Consensus Report" in 2015, all Hp-positive patients should be eradicated. The purpose is to reduce the incidence of gastric cancer.』