I Hope You Don’t Have These Three Symptoms

- Sep 29, 2020-

In case of contracting H.pylori, there will probably be 3 manifestations, I hope you will not have the three symptoms.

Bad breath

Many people experience bad breath after getting up in the morning. Bad breath is not only related to the oral cavity, but also related to H.pylori in the stomach. If the stomach is eroded by bacteria for a long time, the digestion and absorption capacity of the stomach will decrease. As a result, food residues accumulate in the stomach to form gas and pass out from the mouth. If bad breath is found to be serious, you should go to the hospital for examination.

Heartburn and stomachache

If the body is infected with H.pylori, the intestines and stomach will be greatly stimulated. The stomach and intestines need to secrete a large amount of gastric juice for relief, so the stomach will have nausea or heartburn. This situation is mostly related to irregular eating habits. , Irregular eating habits have a great impact on the stomach, which will also increase the infection rate of H.pylori.

Gastric mucosal damage

Everyone has nausea and vomiting in their lives. In fact, this may be that H.pylori has invaded the human body. H.pylori can cause damage to the gastric mucosa. It is prone to discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, bloating and abdominal pain. In most cases, H.pylori is sending you a signal. At this time, we should conduct a comprehensive inspection and conditioning in time to avoid more serious things.