President Of The EHMSG Professor Dr. Georgina Hold Test Richen Urea 13c Breath Personally

- Jul 13, 2020-

At the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group (EHMSG) Week in Barcelona in 2019, Richen invited President of the EHMSG Professor Dr. Georgina Hold and members of the group Attended a conference organized by Richen.


Richen releases new model 13c infrared spectrometer: IR-force 200P

IR-force 200P exterior is designed by the Maserati team. It is equipped with a windows system and is self-contained. There is no need to connect a computer, printer, and the equipment takes up less space and is more convenient to use.

The optical path system is upgraded to version 2.0, equipped with temperature control function, longer service life and higher detection accuracy.


Richen urea 13c breath test features:Granular dosage form and acidifying formula

Granular dosage form:After the granule dosage form is formulated into a solution, it can take 0 disintegration time to eliminate the difference in test results caused by the disintegration of other dosage forms in the stomach.

Acidifying formula:Acidifying formula can activate h.pylori urease activity, inhibit non-h.pylori urease activity, slow down gastric emptying, make 13c urea fully contact with h.pylori, reduce false negative and false positives detected by 13c urea breath test to improve the accuracy of 13c urea breath test.


After the seminar, President of the EHMSG Professor Dr. Georgina Hold was very interested in the new equipment IR-force 200P and completed the whole process of detecting H.pylori with the assistance of Dr. Attilio, Global Marketing Director of Richen Group.

After the test, Professor Dr. Georgina Hold said: "the 13C-UBT is the best approach to the diagnosis of H.pylori infection.The taste of orange flavor is easy to accept.  I'm very happy to be negative and thanks Richen."

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