RICHEN Group Has Obtained The GMP Certification For [13C] - Urea

- Nov 10, 2019-

RICHEN Group has obtained the GMP certification for its large-scale production of [13C] - urea in China with its center.

The company has successfully passed all the stages of technical certification of the design and production of the final product. Thanks to its independent research and development staff and independent design that has taken the lead in carrying out large-scale production in China, solving the shortage of raw materials that must be resolved and providing a solid guarantee for large-scale product expansion. After obtaining the GMP certificate, the company expects to reach a turnover of 200 million Yuan by 2020 and a turnover of 500 million Yuan by 2021. [13C] -urea is a stable isotopic pharmacological substance for the diagnosis and detection of Helicobacter pylori, which has great application prospects. Richen Group production and R&D center was founded in China Medical City in January 2013. As the main research and development and production center and has obtained numerous patents.

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