Richen: World Leader Of 13C Urea Breath Test Technology

- Mar 16, 2017-

Richen: World Leader of 13C Urea Breath Test Technology


Between breaths, we sense the true existence.

Between breaths, we feel the beautiful world.

Between breaths, our life is measured.


As a world leader of Urea Breath Test technology, Richen Group integrated non-invasive, fast and safe test philosophy into modern healthcare after constant innovation and persistent efforts, and developed a series of 13C Infrared Spectrometers and 13C Urea Breath Test Kits for the disease of digestive tract diagnosis and treatment. The stomach diseases can be detected just through the patient's breath through a non-radioactive way. Now our 13C UBT products play a key role to the popularity and application of breath test in China, even throughout the world.


H. pylori has made a significant contribution to the disease of digestive tract. Richen 13C infrared spectrometers can detect and diagnose the H. pylori infection accurately through the abundance of 13C.

In order to meet requirements from different market, Richen Group designed different models.

Two-channels device (HGIR-Force 200)

Built-in mini printer, it is very light and convenient and suitable for the department with less physical  examination or mobile examination.

Ten-channels device (HGIR-Force 300)

Dual-core technology and powerful data base, can test 5 sets of samples at the same time.

Sixteen-channels device (HGIR-Force 600)

High-speed electronic hard drive, is a kind of all-in-one full touch screen machine. The touch screen is rotatable and supports handwriting input.

New Ten--channels device (HGIR-Force 300 Plus)

Win 8 Operation System, adopt quad-core and full touch screen panel computer to replace old desktop computer. The device is controlled through Bluetooth HUB and the test result can be printed directly through the WIFI of panel computer. And the panel can be changed to face any direction. This device can test 5 persons continuously each time.

All of the devices have the prominent characters of high accuracy and high stability. The precision is up to 0.25‰. And the devices have obtained the Chinese SFDA approval and CE certificate and export to more than countries in the world.


Heliforce 13C Urea Breath Test Kit is the only one using acidizing formula in domestic to effectively activate resting state H. pylori. Prepared in internationally applied granular dosage form, it is easily absorbed and dispersed, and can comprehensively detect the H. pylori in the stomach, thus making the result more accurate.

Heliforce 13C Urea Breath Test kit is safe, accurate, fast, convenient and free of pollution, poison and radiation. Now, it has become a golden standard for H. pylori detection.

Richen staff consistently regard develop national medical technology, service human health as their business philosophy, and devote themselves to the development, manufacture, sales and service of high-technology medical product.

It is the respect for life and the responsibility for society that all the Richen staff put their hearts into the development of national medical service and human health.    

Between the breaths, we go deep into every corner of the world, and embrace a blue sky.

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