Travel In Bhutan——Love Without Border

- Mar 15, 2019-

I used to know that Bhutan is a small country bordering China and there is no other understanding. At the beginning of the new year, our company successfully entered Bhutan as the first UBT testing manufacturer. I am fortunate to be an engineer to come to Bhutan to train my customers, so that I have a deeper understanding of this country.


Because China did not formally establish diplomatic relations with Bhutan, it can only enter Bhutan by transferring to Nepal. Because I knew that I would pass through the Himalayas, I would like to enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains overlooking the window. There are many tourists from Europe on the planes of the same flight. The captain of the flight will not be able to reach a mountain and will introduce its name and characteristics. After an hour of travel, arrive at Paro Airport at noon local time. Just got off the plane and was immediately attracted by the blue sky and white clouds and the beauty of the mountains. Compared with Beijing International Airport, Seoul Incheon International Airport, and Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport, the Paro Airport area is exceptionally small, with few planes parked sparingly. Visitors with the airport enter the immigration. After the immigration formalities, the whole process was very smooth, and then I got the baggage and looked for the guide to contact.


The one who received me was a retired colonel named Kaodo. Unlike my guide, Mr.Kaodo was full of white hair and still had a white goatee. He asked me if the journey was smooth. Expressed his respect and greetings to the elderly. Because the hospital is in the capital of Thimphu, we need to drive for more than an hour. The whole road is between Chongshan. On the side of the road, you will see the loose houses and slow flowing streams on the hillside. A hawker selling peppers on the road.


After arriving in Thimphu, Mr.Kaodo took me to a local restaurant to eat. The local food and taste are about the same as ours, and the proprietress talked to us very friendly during the meal.

After the accommodation was arranged, we came to the hospital to discuss the training time. It happened that I met a Japanese endoscope company and came here for training. An old professor (right 1) was attracted by the appearance of our instruments. After a brief introduction, we praised our instruments. I also learned that this is a very famous old scholar in Japan, and has been studying in the field of HP for 30 years. So I exchanged business cards with the old professor and took photos.


Bhutan is a religious country with a religious belief. There are religious elements everywhere, and there are special items that display religious beliefs in both attractions and shops. Through a day of contact and understanding, I finally understand why the  people of Bthuan have a high happiness index: the state provides free education and medical care, and there is not much pressure on housing. Because of spiritual beliefs, the people of Bhutan are simple and hospitable. People's pursuit of material life is not so strong, even if the living conditions are normal, the people can live and work in peace.

Our equipment was provided to the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital. This hospital is a government-supported, large-scale, well-equipped public hospital. After learning that Dr. Gerwin and Colonel Kaodo provided equipment and reagents to the hospital free of charge, and provided free inspections for the health of the Bhutanese people, our company decided to sell the equipment at a discount policy that is much lower than the market price, in order to make the countries with relatively poor economy The ability to detect Helicobacter pylori fully demonstrates the mission of our company: serve for the well-being of all the human kind.


There was also an episode on the day of the training: For the first time, the endoscopic products in Japan were first trained, but they had not arrived at the hospital in the past half an hour. When I was preparing training materials outside, suddenly three or four old people dressed in Tibetan costumes entered the house, and other staff members put a long Hada on our instruments. The cabin was quiet, and an old man began to read the scriptures and took a small bowl full of grains. From time to time, grab a handful of rice and sprinkle it on our instruments. Because it was the first time I encountered this kind of scene (previously the installation training never encountered), I was at a loss, so I went to the house and completed the blessing ceremony with other people.


After the completion of the scriptures, the equipment ribbon cutting and product certificate handover ceremony was carried out. When all this is done, it is my turn. Perhaps it was shocked by such a grand scene. At the beginning, my state was tense. In the face of the usual smooth PPT, there was a flaw. Fortunately, with the in-depth training, everything returned to the familiar trajectory. During the training, there were questions and answers, and the doctor also took the initiative to explain more HP related knowledge. During this period, we welcomed two volunteers to test and show the entire inspection process more clearly in a practical way. When the training was over, I was curious and I asked Kaodo Father how the ceremony was going on today. Mr.Kaodo told me that this opening ceremony is a local tradition, and that a new project needs to be prayed for in the hospital. The attendees at the opening ceremony are all important leaders of the hospital. When I was worried about the adequacy of preparation, my father told me that today's training was very successful, and everyone has mastered how to operate and daily maintenance.


The short journey is over, and I am very grateful to Mr.Kaodo for taking care of me and the hospital leadership to pay attention to our products. I am very pleased to be able to come to Bhutan Hospital for training as the first UBT breath test manufacturer. I hope that our company's products will bring benefits to more people.

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