Esay Storage Home Use Fitness Mat for Gymnastics

Esay Storage Home Use Fitness Mat for Gymnastics

360° Coverage.Suitable for all kinds of current infection detected in people.Polypeptide. HpSA is derived from the common fragments of all sub types.One-Step Method.One-step method for immune coloration
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We formulate detailed after-sales service commitment to provide customers with professional and excellent rapid h.pylori ubt test, UBT Diagnostic Analyzer Gastroenterology, Rapid Test Card for Helicobactor Pylori Gastroenterology and services. We look forward to cooperating with you, and will continue to work hard and improve so as to provide you with safe and convenient high-quality services. Innovating our own brand is one of the ways for our company to develop continuously. Enterprise development should be people-oriented, which is to create greater benefits for customers and to meet their needs, as well as to help employees realize their own value. We always adhere to the sound operation, pay attention to the concept of integrity and corporate image management, to lay the foundation for our sustainable operation.



Richen HpSA Test Products---Certified by European H Pylori Study Group

H Pylori Stool Antigen Test Card

360° Coverage

Suitable for all kinds of current infection detected in people.


HpSA is derived from the common fragments of all sub types.

One-Step Method

One-step method for immune coloration, get results in 15mins.

Gold Standard for H. Pylori Diagnosis

Urea Breath Test is a valid and reliable test in the assessment of H. pylori eradication in the post-treatment evaluation and Stool Antigen Test can be used as an alternative.

----Management of Helicobacter pylori infection—the Maastricht V/Florence Consensus Report

Stool Antigen Test and 13C Urea Breath Test are both golden standard, as non-invasive method for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection.

13C-UBT is not radioactive. So it has no harm to the human body, and is suitable for all people, including children, pregnant women. It has been widely used in the diagnosis of Hp infection. 

Stool Antigen Test is adopted peptide technology. HpSA is made into a strip kit with colloidal gold double antigen sandwich method. It can identify the specific antigen of Helicobacter pylori in human stool samples, and the result is accurate as 13C Urea Breath Test. 

The key to our success is 'Good Product Quality, Reasonable Price and Efficient Service' for Esay Storage Home Use Fitness Mat for Gymnastics. We give priority to quality and customer pleasure and for this we follow stringent excellent control measures. Our company always adheres to the people-oriented principle, and is committed to integrating the thoughtfulness and care of human nature into the rigid industrial products, caring for colleagues internally, and satisfying customer needs externally.
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