Good Quality and Cheap Price Rapid Test Kit H Pylori Antibody (H. Pylori Ab) for H Pylori ...

Good Quality and Cheap Price Rapid Test Kit H Pylori Antibody (H. Pylori Ab) for H Pylori ...

Beijing Richen-Force Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 13C urea breath test kit manufacturers and suppliers, providing with 13C urea breath test kit gastroenterology free sample, welcome to buy or wholesale our 13C UBT kit for Helicobacter pylori, rapid test kit for diagnosis of H. pylori, H. pylori in-vitro diagnostic reagent, H. pylori IVD kit, and you are also welcomed to consult the price with our factory.
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With a professional development team, advanced design concepts, reliable manufacturing processes, and thoughtful technical support and after-sales service, our company has rapidly grown into a pioneer in the H. Pylori IVD Card, Stomach Hp Diagnostic Rapid Test, IVD Kit for HP Gastroenterology industry. Innovation is the foundation of our company's existence and a prerequisite for our long-term development mission. In the wave of trade globalization, we will continue integrate with the world market, with excellent quality, perfect service, and meet the challenges actively.

Urea 13C Breath Test Procedure for H.Pylori


The 13c urea breath test is a medical test used to detect Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori is a kind of bacteria that can grow in the stomach, which can cause gastritis and peptic ulcers, and is closely related to gastric cancer. Therefore, if the infection can be detected as soon as possible, and the right medicine can be prescribed, it will reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and ulcers. Wait for the chance of disease. The carbon-13 urea breath test is the latest, fast, pain-free and radiation-free Helicobacter pylori detection technology. It does not require a gastroscope. It only needs to breathe easily and measure the components of the breath. It can immediately detect whether there is Helicobacter pylori infection. The result accuracy is as high as 97%.

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Our Good Quality and Cheap Price Rapid Test Kit H Pylori Antibody (H. Pylori Ab) for H Pylori ... product line has always been subject to high standards and strict international quality system monitoring. Over the years, our company's development and management philosophy is pay attention to quality, honesty, make friends from all over the world. We have many classic cases with high results and high customer satisfaction.
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