H. Pylori Breath Test Tube-Mass Spectrometer

H. Pylori Breath Test Tube-Mass Spectrometer

10-Channel H. Pylori Diagnostic Equipment, can detect 5 people at the same time, suitable for large hospitals.High precision (0.3‰), High reliability. Easy to Use.Test time less than 3mins.
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Under the premise of ensuring quality of the Rapid Diagnosis H.pylori, Infrared Spectrometer for HP Diagnostic Gastroenterology, H. Pylori Diagnostic Equipment, we realize product standardization and large-scale production, and strive to open up a broader market. For many years, our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of 'customer first, honesty first', taking 'quality first, focusing on service' as the core value, adhering to market-oriented and enter the market with high quality products. Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of 'Quality Assurance, Credit First', actively integrates market resources, and wholeheartedly serves customers at home and abroad.

H. Pylori Diagnostic Analyzer (IR-force 300) was launched on Exhibition

Richen new designer IR-force 300 analyzer was launched on 2016 EHMSG conference.

The medical experts researched and explained the new machine.

They are very interested in this new analyzer IR-force 300, It has 10 channel for breath bags test, can detect 5 people at the same time.

suitable for large hospitals.

High precision (0.3‰), High reliability

Easy to Use

Test time less than 3mins

SFDA approval, CE Certificate


Richen 13C-UBT Diagnostic Products (13C Urea Breath Test Kits and 13C Infrared Spectrometers) have been developed since 2004, featuring non-invasive, painless, safe and easy to use. Because of high sensitivity and specificity, 13C-UBT has become the golden standard of H. Pylori diagnosis.

We actively and extensively collect customer needs and promote technological innovation to create high-quality and satisfactory H. Pylori Breath Test Tube-Mass Spectrometer. Only with responsibility can we encourage enterprises to continuously standardize their operation, innovate and develop, and build a harmonious and progressive internal and external environment for the virtuous circle of enterprises. We strive to help our customers reach their goals moving forward and become a trusted partner.
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