Medical Diagnostic Rapid H. Pylori Antigen Test Device with CE Certificated

Medical Diagnostic Rapid H. Pylori Antigen Test Device with CE Certificated

10-Channel H. Pylori Diagnostic Equipment, can detect 5 people at the same time, suitable for large hospitals.High precision (0.3‰), High reliability. Easy to Use.Test time less than 3mins.
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We want to create a first-class enterprise, cultivate professional talents, promote the development of the global Diagnosis Hp Rapid Reagent, Diagnostic H.pylori Rapid Test Device, HpSA Immune Card Gastroenterology industry, and become a respected leader. In the process of mutual growth with users, partners, and employees, we have formed a common and persistent belief. Our philosophy is to create cost-effective products, promote perfect services, cooperate for long-term and mutual benefits, firm a comprehensive mode of excellent suppliers system and marketing agents, brand strategic cooperation sales system. We can customize the products according to your requirements and we can pack it for you when you order.

H. Pylori Diagnostic Analyzer (IR-force 300) was launched on Exhibition

Richen new designer IR-force 300 analyzer was launched on 2016 EHMSG conference.

The medical experts researched and explained the new machine.

They are very interested in this new analyzer IR-force 300, It has 10 channel for breath bags test, can detect 5 people at the same time.

suitable for large hospitals.

High precision (0.3‰), High reliability

Easy to Use

Test time less than 3mins

SFDA approval, CE Certificate


Richen 13C-UBT Diagnostic Products (13C Urea Breath Test Kits and 13C Infrared Spectrometers) have been developed since 2004, featuring non-invasive, painless, safe and easy to use. Because of high sensitivity and specificity, 13C-UBT has become the golden standard of H. Pylori diagnosis.

We resolutely put the protection of consumer interests above all else, improve quality of Medical Diagnostic Rapid H. Pylori Antigen Test Device with CE Certificated, strengthen services, and strive to meet the diversified needs of consumers at different levels. We will realize the industrialization of the scientific research results of the industry, and provide customers with all-round solutions, so that enterprises can always maintain competitiveness in the fierce competitive market, and realize the rapid and stable development of enterprises. Enterprise interests are the source and guarantee of employees' interests, and employees' interests are ultimately realized through the enterprise, and employees' interests are the ultimate destination of enterprise interests.
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