One Step Rapid Diagnostic Afp Cea Psa Tumor Marker Rapid Test

One Step Rapid Diagnostic Afp Cea Psa Tumor Marker Rapid Test

13c ubt test is a gold standard for diagnosis hp,it is featuring safe,non-toxic and non-radioactive,especially suitable for the elderly,children and pregnant women.
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We always concentrate our attention on the research and development, production and sales of the Diagnosis H.pylori Fast Method, Supplier High Performance 13c Ubt Diagnosis For Children H.pylori, 13C Urea Breath Test Analyzer Gastroenterology, we warmly welcome our customers from home and abroad to visit us! We continue to grow in the environment of fierce market competition. With high quality, dedicated management and service, we wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and patronize. Our company has research and development department, marketing department and Engineering Department with strong scientific research strength, professional construction team and perfect follow-up service management system. We will gradually establish a sound R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and customer service system. We expect our products, our people, our practices and our leaders to challenge themselves to achieve excellence.

Diagnosis hp rapid test

The 13c ubt rapid test is the current method for diagnostic h.pylori (Hp for short). Accurate detection of Hp can effectively prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis and gastric cancer. Since there is no need to obtain a biopsy tissue in the stomach, and no need to draw blood, the patient only needs to breathe gently, and through the change of the chemical reagents, the accurate diagnosis of Hp infection can be made within 30 minute.

ubt urea kit1

Product specification:

Model NO.: 75mg/50mg

Material: Urea

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Without Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Group: All Patients

N.W.: 7.49kg

CBN: 0.08

Trademark: Heiliforce

Origin: China

Type: Test Kit

Certification: SGS, ISO13485, MSDS,GMP

Quality Guarantee Period: Two Years

Product advantages:

1. Non-radioactive, non-toxic to human body, so it is perfect to diagnose children, pregnant women and weak elders.
2. Highly accurate test. Its sensitivity and specificity are relatively high to avoid the possible false-positive and false-negative that may occur in traditional HP diagnoses.
3. Non-invasive, so it is easily accepted by patients.

Package & Delivery:


 Standard carton package


 Within 2-3 working days after receive payment


 Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By  air, By sea


1. Can smoke before running 13c ubt test or during waiting time?

___No, can't smoke,if smoke, it will easy to cause false negative.

2. Any age concern for 13c ubt in children?


3. Do 13c ubt test after eating, will it affect the result?

___Yes! It need fasting examination do 13c ubt test.It will affect test results.

In order to survive and sustainable development, our company accelerates the speed of technological innovation, and constantly introduces innovative One Step Rapid Diagnostic Afp Cea Psa Tumor Marker Rapid Test and improves production technology. We have been unanimously recognized by users with our enthusiastic service and professional knowledge. Our company staff in the long-term entrepreneurial process, not only withstood the severe test of the market, but also in the storm of the market has been training growth.
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