Rapid Test Kit H. Pylori Antigen Test Kits (Colloidal Gold)

Rapid Test Kit H. Pylori Antigen Test Kits (Colloidal Gold)

360° Coverage.Suitable for all kinds of current infection detected in people.Polypeptide. HpSA is derived from the common fragments of all sub types.One-Step Method.One-step method for immune coloration
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With the joint efforts of our R&D department, marketing department and after-sales service department, our Urea Breath Analyzer for HP Gastroenterology, UBT Diagnostic Analyzer, Provide C13 Urea Breath Test H.pylori Infection can achieve a perfect combination of technology and design, thereby providing quality products to customers all over the world. Quality in the heart, quantity in the hand, we are ambitious and independent, we do not forget the original heart and forge ahead only for better quality. Our products have been exported to many countries all over the world.




Richen HpSA Test Products---Certified by European H Pylori Study Group

H Pylori Stool Antigen Test Card

360° Coverage

Suitable for all kinds of current infection detected in people.


HpSA is derived from the common fragments of all sub types.

One-Step Method

One-step method for immune coloration, get results in 15mins.

Gold Standard for H. Pylori Diagnosis

Urea Breath Test is a valid and reliable test in the assessment of H. pylori eradication in the post-treatment evaluation and Stool Antigen Test can be used as an alternative.

----Management of Helicobacter pylori infection—the Maastricht V/Florence Consensus Report

Stool Antigen Test and 13C Urea Breath Test are both golden standard, as non-invasive method for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection.

13C-UBT is not radioactive. So it has no harm to the human body, and is suitable for all people, including children, pregnant women. It has been widely used in the diagnosis of Hp infection. 

Stool Antigen Test is adopted peptide technology. HpSA is made into a strip kit with colloidal gold double antigen sandwich method. It can identify the specific antigen of Helicobacter pylori in human stool samples, and the result is accurate as 13C Urea Breath Test. 

We are willing to cooperate with like-minded people of insight will be bigger and stronger field of Rapid Test Kit H. Pylori Antigen Test Kits (Colloidal Gold), to create a new pattern of this industry. It is an important foundation for the common development of the company and its employees to share responsibility. Looking forward to the future, in the new century, facing new opportunities and challenges, our company will take today as a new starting point.
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